Cats on Carpets


Relaxing on a wooden raft after a decent swim I look over to see that one of my friends has the most unusual looking boots, they are made entirely of metal with buckles and straps, so heavy that when you put them on you can barely pick up your leg to take the next step however when worn in the water you can swim with ease and.. you can even breath underwater.

Glimmering lights from within and waves of light from above.

This was too exciting to pass up so I try them on and swim down to the bottom of the lake. What I saw next was astounding, it was an under water world. There were towers and buildings formed from the rock and sand. As I explored further the glimmering lights from within and waves of light from above created a warm glow around the city. There were creatures busy about their day, this was their home. Realizing that I try to find a place to hide only to be caught in a busy highway in and out of the city. Stuck in the middle as they swiftly swim by I realize that the boots have made me invisible and I am protected. I swim over to the anchor of the raft only to find chained to it a cat, it is alive just sitting there as cats do angry and annoyed.

You’re wearing my boots

The Cat

Quite startled I swim to the surface and shout “ get me up! get me up! as they pull me up , out of breath dripping wet unable to move all I can say is “a cat, a cat chained, anchor pull the anchor” they pull up the cat ,he moves in calm deliberate motions not wet but perfectly dry, still chained it moves slightly toward me, sits in front of me and says: “ you are wearing my boots” perplexed I start to reply but it interrupts and repeats more firmly “You are wearing MY boots!” I apologize trying to remain calm my heart racing, my hands shaking, talking cats wearing boots and all. However I can’t get the boots off and in that moment land starts rising from the depths until we are surrounded.

The lake turned to ice, the land covered in snow and snowflakes began to fall.

In an instant it was cold, the lake turned to ice, the land covered in snow and snowflakes began falling from the sky. I looked around at the mountains and shoreline the sunlight peaking through the big hazy clouds casting a warm inviting light on an otherwise uneasy feeling and then I saw it, coming from a distance something in the air, there were cats everywhere flying by riding on carpets. I spin in amazement they are as far as the eye can see, the sky dappled with them all. I look down at our chained little friend now free his expression changed from annoyance to excitement he sits proud and tall, with his chin to the air and his fur ruffling in the breeze. He was home and we… we were someplace else.


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