Swedish Fish on the porch


I hear a rattling, a shaking of the front door aggressively, someone is trying to get into my house..why won’t they just go away? Im sleeping Its not like I’m going to answer. The noise gets louder more persistent. I pull the covers in closer and clinch my eyes in hopes that that they go away and suddenly it is quiet. I feel my body relax in a sigh of relief and just as i am about to drift off a loud BANG! and vibration resinates throughout my body and my heart lets out a strong thud followed by a racing heartbeat, someone is in my house, my mind is awake now trying to see if I can hear a familiar sound maybe its my husband.. what time is it? it’s too early for him to be home, I need to lay really still maybe if they see I am sleeping they will just leave me alone and go away. Suddenly I feel them, their presence in the room with me, it is unfamiliar, threatening, I hold my breath as I feel their eyes on me and then they are gone without a sound. I open my eyes and I need to see what’s happened,

I crawl out of bed and my movements are like heavy molasses, I can’t even open my eyes but for a moment and what I see is dark, blurry with flashes of light. I stumble to the wall and run my hands against it feeling my way to the door and fumble to find the handle, I open the door my vision starting to return and I see the room is filled floor to ceiling with a grey patterned blanket strewn about like a sheet in the wind but frozen in time, I fall into it, and grope to find the top like I am drowning in a sea reaching for the surface. I make my way through the room and give up its impossible to navigate, finally I just stand there and shout at the top of my voice: Hello? Is anyone there? and with a stiff breeze the room is empty, back to normal.

Like Sheets in the wind but frozen in time

I walk through the house trying to see what if anything was taken and it all looks normal, except on the counter I find a skillet full of chopped, cooked vegetables, I touch them, they have gone cold, I have no memory of doing this I look around the kitchen for any evidence that I was in here and there is none, I have zero recollection of what took place in here. I move back towards the door thinking that the outside cat maybe was the one making all the noise and notice on my fridge a small bag of Swedish Fish mostly eaten I reach up and grab a handful thinking my husband must have brought these in, how great! its been forever since I’ve had one, as i pop one after the other in to my mouth I open the front door to look for the cat and see sitting in front of the door a black and brown terrier puppy, inquisitively looking at me with eager eyes, I open the door only to see behind him a 40 lb bag of Swedish Fish, the puppy runs and prances in a circle and I am left in a state of confusion as to what exactly has taken place.


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